Success in Africa requires well informed and careful planning and execution. Understanding your foreign market is therefore crucial to achieving your investment goals in Africa. Our analysis of the opportunities and risks your potential host country presents will help you plan and execute your expansion strategy with success.


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Political and Legal Environment Analysis

Government regulations and political events in Africa can be an advantage to doing business or hinder you at every turn. Purchgro assesses and reports on the realities your investment program is subject to. We provide in-depth insights on:

Country Political Factors
Geo Political Factors
Country Specific Legal Factors

Economic Environment Analysis

A thorough understanding of your host country’s economy – its economic outlook and perspective on foreign direct investment – is as important as knowing about its politics. For this reason, we deliver in-depth analysis of:

Country Economic Factors
Geo-Economic Factors
Economic Outlook
Foreign Investment Policies

Business Environment Analysis

The African opportunity is about the large number of new customers you will reach. However, this opportunity can be expensive. To help you minimize the costs, we offer you a clear understanding of:

Market Opportunity
Business Environment Attractiveness
Production and Distribution Factors
Social and Cultural Factors
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